Автосохранение в Notepad++ (autosave)

Думаю многие используют удобную замену блокноту

Но в его стандартном функционале нет возможности настроить периодичность автосохранения,

только резервное копирование, создающее лишние копии файлов

Это решается установкой плагина Autosave

Дающего возможность не только сохранять файл периодически, но и автоматического сохранения при переключении на другое окно.

Устанавливается через встроенный плагин менеджер: Вкладка Plugins\Plugin manager


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kodi: ошибка youtube daily limit exceeded

NB: These instructions are meant for existing users with a working, signed in, and activated YouTube addon.
They are not meant to help you install, setup, sign in, or activate the YouTube addon itself if you are a first time user.

Please install, setup, sign in, activate and test the YouTube addon first, before creating your own Personal API Keys.

* Step 1:

– Click HERE – https://console.cloud.google.com/
– Select your email preference (Yes or No – it does not matter)
– Select Yes to agree to the Terms of Service (for reference: https://console.cloud.google.com/terms)
– Click Agree and Continue

NB: Please ignore any offers to “Sign up for a free trial…” and/or “Try Google Cloud Platform for free”. It is not required.

– Select Project > Create Project > Enter Project Name (the name does not matter) > Create
– WAIT until the next page loads with the the New Project that you just created.

[Image: CELW9Jw.jpg?1]

[Image: cigdYBK.jpg]

[Image: HFvz7RP.jpg]

* Step 2:

– Click HERE – https://console.developers.google.com/apis/library
– Go to YouTube APIs > Select YouTube Data API > Enable

[Image: co2ODTx.jpg]

[Image: EBMG2cC.jpg]

* Step 3:

– Click HERE – https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/credentials
– Select Create Credentials > API Key
– Copy and Save the API key. You will need this later. DO NOT POST THIS PUBLICALLY.
– Click Close

[Image: gWMlbwA.jpg]

[Image: HjPPVS0.jpg]

* Step 4:

– On the same page, Select Create Credentials > OAuth Client ID
– Then Select > Configure Consent Screen

[Image: X17xjmH.jpg]

[Image: EVcF1al.jpg]

* Step 5:

– Enter a Name in “Product name shown to users” (the name does not matter)
– Click Save and WAIT for the next page to load with the OAuth Client ID screen
– Then Select Other > Create
– Copy and Save the Client ID and the Client Secret. You will need these later. DO NOT POST THESE PUBLICALLY.
– Click OK.

[Image: I9tIaq7.jpg]

[Image: gb2oK90.jpg]

* Step 6:

– Go to the YouTube addon > Settings > API Settings > Click Enable Personal API Keys > Enter all 3 Keys > Click OK
– Then > Sign Out > and after Sign In again (with the normal 2 x web activation)

After a successful Sign In to the YouTube addon you should now be using the Personal API Keys that you created.

[Image: EthcVpQ.jpg]

* OR
– With Kodi shut down, Paste all 3 Keys into: Kodi / userdata / addon_data / plugin.video.youtube / settings.xml
in the following lines of code:

<setting id=”youtube.api.enable” value=”true” />
<setting id=”youtube.api.id” value=”Client ID” />
<setting id=”youtube.api.key” value=”API Key” />
<setting id=”youtube.api.secret” value=”Client Secret” />

– Then > Start Kodi > Open the YouTube addon > Sign Out > and after Sign In again (with the normal 2 x web activation)

After a successful Sign In to the YouTube addon you should now be using the Personal API Keys that you created.

В поле <setting id=”youtube.api.id” value=”Client ID” /> вписываем значение из Идентификатор клиента

В поле <setting id=”youtube.api.secret” value=”Client Secret” /> вписываем секрет из этого идентификатора

В поле  <setting id=”youtube.api.key” value=”API Key” /> вписываем сам апи ключ

<img alt=”” src=”https://i.imgur.com/AzjkS6W.jpg” class=”alignnone” />


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