How To Disable Chrome Tab Previews

How To Disable Chrome Tab Previews



If you have been getting annoyed by the slow loading of previews whenever you hover over tabs in Chrome the solution is simple.

Here’s how to get it back to simply showing the tab name when you hover over it!

Edit: This option has been disabled, to make it work again (for a little while atleast) put this address in your search bar:


This will bring you to this page:

Then simply set “Temporarily unexpire M110 flags” to enabled and relaunch Chrome.

This will allow you to follow the rest of this guide (until Google disables that option as well).

First simply enter this address in your search bar:


This will bring you to this page:

Then search for “Tab Hover Cards” and set it to “Disabled”.

Finally relaunch your browser to allow the change to go through.

And now you should be back to how it used to be:

Отключение телеметрии NVidia через bat файл

@echo off
echo Removing Nvidia Shield Streaming service…
sc stop “NvStreamSvc”
sc config “NvStreamSvc” start= disabled
sc delete “NvStreamSvc”

echo Removing Nvidia 3D-Vision service…
sc stop “Stereo Service”
sc config “Stereo Service” start= disabled
sc delete “Stereo Service”

echo Stopping Nvidia Telemetry service…
sc stop “nvtelemetrycontainer”
sc config “nvtelemetrycontainer” start= disabled

Отключаем все всплывающие подсказки \ Disable ALL Notification Balloons in Windows

Begin by pressing the “Windows Button + R” to open the run dialog box.

Next, enter the word “regedit” and press “Run”.


Now that regedit is open, navigate to the following key:


Once you are in this directory, right-click on any blank space on the right pane and create a new 32-bit DWORD registry key.


After creating the key, you will need to name it:

Next, right click on the key and click on “Modify…” Ensure that the value is set to “0”. 

Google Chrome как отключить кеш браузера

Для того, чтобы отключить кэш в Google Chrome, достаточно выполнить следующие действия:

1. Откройте Google Chrome.

2. Нажмите комбинацию клавиш Ctrl+Shift+i. Появится окно, в верхнем правом углу которого отыщите вот такую кнопку (Settings – Настройки):

3. Отметьте чекбокс “Disable cache” (Отключить кэш):

4. Закройте открытую часть окна настроек, нажав на x.

В результате – вы успешно отключите кэш в Google Chrome.

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